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The Riot at Dover

The Riot at Dover.jpg The ThamesThumbnailsRoman Soldiers Leaving BritainThe ThamesThumbnailsRoman Soldiers Leaving Britain

Eustace, Count of Boulogne, who had married Edward's sister, having paid a visit to the king, passed by Dover in his return. One of his train being refused entrance to a lodging which had been assigned him, attempted to make his way by force, and in the contest he wounded the master of the house. The inhabitants revenged this insult by the death of the stranger; the count and his train took arms, and murdered the wounded townsman; a tumult ensued; nearly twenty persons were killed on each side; and Eustace, being overpowered by numbers, was obliged to save his life by flight from the fury of the populace.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Cassell's History of England, Vol. I (of 8), by Anonymous published 1909