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King or Chief of Franks armed with the Seramasax, from a Miniature of the Ninth Century

King of Franks.png Germany after the Peace Treaty, 1919ThumbnailsGermany after the Peace Treaty, 1919ThumbnailsGermany after the Peace Treaty, 1919Thumbnails

When the Franks took root in Gaul, their dress and institutions were adopted by the Roman society. This had the most disastrous influence in every point of view, and it is easy to prove that civilisation did not emerge from this chaos until by degrees the Teutonic spirit disappeared from the world. As long as this spirit reigned, neither private nor public liberty existed. Individual patriotism only extended as far as the border of a man's family, and the nation became broken up into clans. Gaul soon found itself parcelled off into domains which were almost independent of one another. It was thus that Germanic genius became developed.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Manners, Custom and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance Period, by Paul Lacroix