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Egyptian 'Sakiyeh'

Egyptian 'Sakiyeh'.jpg Egyptian 'Shadoof'ThumbnailsA SyceEgyptian 'Shadoof'ThumbnailsA SyceEgyptian 'Shadoof'ThumbnailsA Syce

Another machine used for the same purpose [irrigation] is the sakiyeh, or draw-wheel. It consists of a horizontal axle, with a wheel at each end. One of these wheels overhangs the water of a river, a canal, or a well, and over it there passes a long, hanging loop of cords, to which a number of earthen pots are fastened. As the axle and the wheel go round, the pots on the cords are drawn over the wheel, and made to move in a circle like the buckets of a dredging-machine. The lower end of the loop of pots dips in the water, and each pot, as it passes through the water, is filled. It is then slowly drawn up by the turning wheel, and as it passes over the wheel, and is tilted over, it empties the water into a tank, or spout, and passes on downwards, empty, to the river again to take up a new supply.

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Egypt, Middle East