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Bicyclists ( Carrefour d'Ermenonville )

Bicyclists ( Carrefour d'Ermenonville ).jpg Return of the RacesThumbnailsThe waterer of the Louis XV bridgeReturn of the RacesThumbnailsThe waterer of the Louis XV bridge

While at the Potinière we admire the velocemen and velocewomen in possession of all the secrets of art, we only meet here the laggards studying under the eye of professionals. It is assured that the ordinarily gifted people are, after ten lessons, in a condition to direct themselves properly. But just as some students take a long time to do their law far beyond the statutory years, so we find certain temperaments refractory to equilibrium which persist in capsizing at every turn of the wheel beyond all expectations.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of A travers Paris, by Victor Eugene Geruzez