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Timbering At Jamestown Three Centuries Ago

Timbering At Jamestown Three Centuries Ago.jpg Barrel OrganThumbnailsJamestown CooperBarrel OrganThumbnailsJamestown CooperBarrel OrganThumbnailsJamestown Cooper

Timbering was one of the first activities undertaken by the Jamestown colonists and was one of the first English industries in America. The day the settlers arrived they began cutting down trees, for timber was needed to build their fort and town as well as to export to the mother country. Thomas Studley, a member of the first colony, reported that clapboards were made for loading on the ships which were to return to England:

Now falleth every man to worke, the Councell contrive the fort, the rest cut downe trees to make place to pitch their tents; some provide clapboard to relade the ships, some make gardens, some nets, &c.

Captain Newport left Jamestown in June, 1607 and aboard his two ships were clapboards and other wooden products.