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"Here's Beans, Peas, Cucumbers, Cabbages, Onions, Potatoes, Here they go!"

Beans.png  "Hot Corn"Thumbnails"S-A-N-D! Here's your nice white S-A-N-D!" "Hot Corn"Thumbnails"S-A-N-D! Here's your nice white S-A-N-D!"

In the summer time, you may see persons in carts, and others with hand-barrows, having a load of the above articles, that they cry along the streets, and sell to those families who live a distance from the markets.

What a vast garden it would ake to raise vegetables enough for all the inhabitants of New-York! Long Island can be considered the garden of New-York: the produce brought to this city daily is very great.

The New-York Cries, in Rhyme Published in 1828 Available from books.google.com