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Great Flood in Monmouthshire

Great Flood in Monmouthshire.jpg Great Storm, 1613ThumbnailsOld English double curtailGreat Storm, 1613ThumbnailsOld English double curtail

In one dated 1607 occurs the earliest instance I have met with of an attempt to illustrate the news of the day. It is entitled ‘Wofull Newes from Wales, or the lamentable loss of divers Villages and Parishes (by a strange and wonderful Floud) within the Countye of Monmouth in Wales: which happened in January last past, 1607, whereby a great number of his Majesties subjects inhabiting in these parts are utterly undone.’

The Pictorial Press
Its Origin and Progress
By Mason Jackson
Published in 1885 Available at www.gutenberg.org
17th Century, England