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The Bull of Japan attacking the Mundane Egg

The Bull of Japan attacking the Mundane Egg.jpg Devil 1ThumbnailsThe Egg of CreationDevil 1ThumbnailsThe Egg of Creation

Sculptures and medals abound in the East, containing hieroglyphic symbols of the creation. The most remarkable, however, of these symbolic devices is that erected, and at this day to be seen, in one of the temples of Japan. The temple itself, in which this fine monument of Oriental genius is elevated, is called Daibod, and stands in Meaco, a great and flourishing city of Japan.
The principal image in this design displays itself in the form of a vast bull, the emblem of prolific heat and the generative energy by which creation was formed, butting with its horns against the egg, which floated on the waters of the abyss. The status of the bull itself is formed of massy gold, with a great knob on its back, and a golden collar about its neck, embossed with precious stones.

The Christian Penny Journal
Volume V - For 1836
Available from books.google.com
Posted on
Friday 1 May 2020