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A Goldsmith’s Shop

A Goldsmith’s Shop.jpg Adam the CellarerThumbnailsA ClerkAdam the CellarerThumbnailsA Clerk

Our woodcut represents a mediæval shop of a high class, probably a goldsmith’s. The shopkeeper eagerly bargaining with his customer is easily recognised, the shopkeeper’s clerk is making an entry of the transaction, and the customer’s servant stands behind him, holding some of his purchases; flagons and cups and dishes seem to be the principal wares; heaps of money lie on the table, which is covered with a handsome tablecloth, and in the background are hung on a “perch,” for sale, girdles, a hand-mirror, a cup, a purse, and sword.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages, by Edward Lewes Cutts
Published in 1911