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Ricardus de Threton, Sacerdos

Dns. Ricardus de Threton, Sacerdos.jpg Dns. Rogerus, CapellanusThumbnailsDns. Barth. de Wendone, RectorDns. Rogerus, CapellanusThumbnailsDns. Barth. de Wendone, Rector

Sir Richard de Threton, priest,who was executor of Sir Robert de Thorp, knight, formerly chancellor of the king, and who gave twenty marks to the convent. Our woodcut gives only the outlines of the full-length portrait. In the original the robe and hood are of full bright blue, lined with white; the under sleeves, which appear at the wrists, are of the same colour; and the shoes are red.

the grateful monks of St. Alban’s have recorded the names and good deeds of those who had presented gifts or done services to the convent.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages, by Edward Lewes Cutts
Published in 1911