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Mammas and Babies

Mamas and Babies.jpg Street ShowThumbnailsLittle PhillisStreet ShowThumbnailsLittle Phillis

"My Polly is so very good,
Belinda never cries;
My Baby often goes to sleep,
See how she shuts her eyes.

"Dear Mrs. Lemon tell me when
Belinda goes to school;
And what time does she go to bed?"
"Well, eight o'clock's the rule.

"But now and then, just for a treat,
I let her wait awhile;
You shake your head—why, wouldn't you?
Do look at Baby's smile!"

"Dear Mrs. Primrose will you come
One day next week to tea?
Of course bring Rosalinda, and
That darling—Rosalie."

"Dear Mrs. Cowslip, you are kind;
My little folks, I know,
Will be so very pleased to come;
Dears—tell Mrs. Cowslip so.

"Oh, do you know—perhaps you've not heard—
She had a dreadful fright;
My Daisy with the measles
Kept me up every night.

"And then I've been so worried—
Clarissa had a fit;
And the doctor said he couldn't
In the least account for it."

Posted on
Monday 4 May 2020