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Moldavian Style

Moldavian Style.jpg Carriage CostumeThumbnailsWalking DressCarriage CostumeThumbnailsWalking DressCarriage CostumeThumbnailsWalking Dress

It is designed chiefly for a rich riding-dress, it being too long in the skirt for the promenade, and not convenient for the drawing-room. It is called the Moldavian Style; a petite veste of dark green cloth entirely covered with an embroidery of lace imitating guipure royal, and displaying the shape to the greatest perfection. The skirt is very ample and cut in a novel manner so as to fall in long folds like an antique drapery. The front is ornamented with an apron-trimming of deep lace. The sleeves are demi-long; the hands and wrists covered by long white gloves. When in full dress for the saddle, a gray beaver hat is worn, the brim low in front, and turned up at the sides, and ornamented with a long, twisted ostrich feather; cambric collar and manchettes (ruffles) each closed by a double button of rubies or other precious stones.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 2, July, 1850.
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Monday 11 May 2020