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Coronation Day

Coronation Day.jpg Buy a broom girlThumbnailsEnglish Fashions  1832Buy a broom girlThumbnailsEnglish Fashions  1832

During the procession to the Abbey the weather was fine, and the sight a brilliant one; but, soon after one o'clock, a very heavy rain descended; the wind, too, blew with great violence, and occasioned rattling and tearing among the canvas canopies of the newly erected stands. It ceased for a short time, between two and three, when it broke out afresh, and was particularly lively when the ceremony was over, at half-past three. It quite spoilt the return procession, some of the carriages driving straight away, and those that fell into `rank` had their windows up. The general public were in sorry plight, as we see in the accompanying illustration—

The Project Gutenberg EBook of When William IV. Was King,
by John Ashton
Published in 1896