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London Cab

London Cab.jpg William IVThumbnailsLondon cabrioletWilliam IVThumbnailsLondon cabriolet

The royal assent was given on September 22, 1831, to "An Act to amend the laws relating to Hackney Carriages," etc., by which it was enacted that, up to January 5, 1833, they should be limited to twelve hundred, and, after that date, there was to be no limitation to their number, except that caused by the law of demand and supply. The hackney coach was a cumbrous vehicle with two horses, and, in 1823, one-horsed vehicles were introduced, called cabriolets, speedily shortened into cabs.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of When William IV. Was King,
by John Ashton
Published in 1896