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Heron-legs, or Stilts

Heron-legs, or Stilts.png A Game of SnowballThumbnailsFive children at the beachA Game of SnowballThumbnailsFive children at the beach

After the heavy autumn rains have filled the roads with big puddles, it is great fun, this boy thinks, to walk about on stilts. His stilts are of bamboo wood, and he calls them "Heron-legs," after the long-legged snowy herons that strut about in the wet rice-fields. When he struts about on them, he wedges the upright between his big and second toe as if the stilt was like his shoes. He has a good view of his two friends who are wrestling, and probably making hideous noises like wild animals as they try to throw one another.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories, by Mrs. M. Chaplin Ayrton
Published in 1901
Posted on
Monday 25 May 2020