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A Game of Snowball

A Game of Snowball.png Boys' Concert—Flute, Drum, and SongThumbnailsHeron-legs, or StiltsBoys' Concert—Flute, Drum, and SongThumbnailsHeron-legs, or Stilts

In the two little boys are playing at snowball. These lads enjoy a fall of snow, and still better than snowballing they like making a snowman with a charcoal ball for each eye and a streak of charcoal for his mouth. The shoes which they usually wear out of doors are better for a snowy day than your boots, for their feet do not sink into the snow, unless it is deep. These shoes are of wood, and make a boy seem to be about three inches taller than he really is. The shoe, you see, has not laces or buttons, but is kept on the foot by that thong which passes between the first and second toe. The thong is made of grass, and covered with strong paper, or with white or colored calico. The boy in the check dress wears his shoes without socks, but you see the other boy has socks on.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories, by Mrs. M. Chaplin Ayrton
Published in 1901
Posted on
Monday 25 May 2020