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Boys' Concert—Flute, Drum, and Song

Boys' Concert—Flute, Drum, and Song.png Only one Bach! ThumbnailsTahitian flute-playerOnly one Bach! ThumbnailsTahitian flute-playerOnly one Bach! ThumbnailsTahitian flute-player

In the picture are two boys who are fond of music. One has a flute, which is made of bamboo wood. These flutes are easy to make, as bamboo wood grows hollow, with cross divisions at intervals. If you cut a piece with a division forming one end you need only make the outside holes in order to finish your flute.

The child sitting down has a drum. His drum and the paper lanterns hanging up have painted on them an ornament which is also the crest of the house of "Arima." If these boys belong to this family they wear the same crest embroidered on the centre of the backs of their coats.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories, by Mrs. M. Chaplin Ayrton
Published in 1901
Posted on
Monday 25 May 2020