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Kangura, or Korean Lion Play

Kangura, or Korean Lion Play.png Ironclad Top GameThumbnailsPlaying at Batter-CakesIronclad Top GameThumbnailsPlaying at Batter-Cakes

The masker goes from house to house accompanied by one or two men who play on cymbals, flute, and drum. He steps into a shop where the people of the house and their friends sit drinking tea, and passers-by pause in front of the open shop to see the fun. He takes a mask, like the one in the picture, off his back and puts it over his head. This boar's-head mask is painted scarlet and black, and gilt. It has a green cloth hanging down behind, in order that you may not perceive where the mask ends and the mans body begins. Then the masker imitates an animal. He goes up to a young lady and lays down his ugly head beside her to be patted, as "Beast" may have coaxed "Beauty" in the fairy tale. He grunts, and rolls, and scratches himself. The children almost forget he is a man, and roar with laughter at the funny animal.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories, by Mrs. M. Chaplin Ayrton
Published in 1901
Posted on
Monday 25 May 2020