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Snake Goddess and Votary

Snake Goddess and Votary.jpg The Chlamys and PetasosThumbnailsMen’s Head-dress—ArchaicThe Chlamys and PetasosThumbnailsMen’s Head-dress—Archaic

The snake goddess and her votary from Knossos have, in addition, a kind of apron reaching almost to the knees in front and behind, and rising to the hips at the sides. The costume is completed by the addition of a high hat or turban.

Looking at the snake goddess more in detail, we find that the jacket is cut away into a V-shape from the neck to the waist, leaving both the breasts quite bare; the two edges are laced across below the breast, the laces being fastened in a series of bows. The jacket is covered with an elaborate volute pattern, the apron with spots and bordered with a “guilloche.”

Greek Dress A Study of the Costumes Worn in Ancient
Published in 1908 Greece, from Pre-Hellenic Times to the Hellenistic Age
Ancients, Fashions, Greece