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Deep muscles of the horse

Deep muscles of the horse.jpg Cross section of foot of a horseThumbnailsDigestive and Urinary apparatusCross section of foot of a horseThumbnailsDigestive and Urinary apparatus

Muscles of the Horse.

Deep Layer.

1. Temporalis.
1. Stylo-maxillaris.
2. Rectus capitis anticus major.
3. Sterno-thyro-hyoideus.
4. Sterno-maxillaris.
5. The Trachea.
6. Scalenus.
7. Splenius.
8. Funicular part of ligamentum nuchæ.
9. Rhomboideus longus.
11.Cartilage of prolongation.
12.Rhomboideus brevis.
13.Transversalis costarum.
14.Longissimus dorsi.
15.Serratus Magnus.
16.External intercostals.
17.Internal intercostals.
18.Rectus abdominis.
19.Pectoralis magnus.
20.Postea-spinatus minor.
21.Flexor brachii.
22.Humeralis obliquus.
22´.Caput parvum (of triceps extensor brachii).
23.Extensor suffraginis.
24.Extensor metacarpi magnus divided.
25.Extensor metacarpi obliquus.
25´.Its tendon.
26, 28.Flexor pedis perforans and perforatus.
29.Obliquus abdominis internus.
30.Gluteus maximus.
31.Erector coccygis.
32.Curvator coccygis.
33.Depressor coccygis.
34.Rectus femoris.
35.Vastus externus.
36.Part covered by triceps abductor.
37.Biceps rotator tibialis.
38.Gastrocnemius externus.
40.Flexor pedis perforans.
42.Flexor metatarsi.
43.Extensor pedis (cut across).

Project Gutenberg's Notes on Veterinary Anatomy, by Charles J. Korinek Published 1917
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