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Wendell Bollmans Patent Bridge

Wendell Bollmans Patent Bridge.jpg Pioneer Locomotive ThumbnailsDuryea AutomobilePioneer Locomotive ThumbnailsDuryea AutomobilePioneer Locomotive ThumbnailsDuryea Automobile

Patent Iron Suspension Railroad Bridge.

The undersigned would inform the officers of Railroads and others, that he is prepared to furnish Drawings and Estimates for Bridges, Roofs, etc., on the plan of Bollman’s Patent.

The performance of these bridges, some of which have been in use for six years, has given entire satisfaction. Their simplicity of construction renders repairs easy and cheap, and by a peculiar connection of the Main and Panel Rods at the bottom of the Posts, all danger from the effects of expansion, which has heretofore been the chief objection to Iron Bridges, is entirely removed.

Baltimore, Md.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Smithsonian Institution - United States National Museum - Bulletin 240, by Anonymous
Posted on
Monday 1 June 2020