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Turkish Flat-Boat

Turkish Flat-Boat.jpg Turkish Sailing Lotka, SulinaThumbnailsThe Wienerthor, HainburgTurkish Sailing Lotka, SulinaThumbnailsThe Wienerthor, Hainburg

The river life was mostly confined to the larger craft; very few small boats were seen, and almost no fishermen. The great clouds of canvas on the Turkish vessels gleamed above the trees behind the islands far in the perspective, and the black smoke of tow-boats with their trains of loaded lighters was a constant feature in the ever-changing landscape. Occasionally a huge flat-boat of the roughest build, piled high with a cargo of red and yellow earthen-ware, melons, sacks of charcoal, and other miscellaneous merchandise, floated down in the gentle current, steered by Turks in costumes of varied hue, the whole reflecting a mass of glowing color in the stream.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Danube, by F. D. Millet Published in 1892
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Monday 8 June 2020
19th Century, Europe