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Turkish Vessels

Turkish Vessels.jpg Washer-womenThumbnailsTurkish Sailing Lotka, SulinaWasher-womenThumbnailsTurkish Sailing Lotka, SulinaWasher-womenThumbnailsTurkish Sailing Lotka, Sulina

Just below Widdin, at the Bulgarian town of Arčer Palanka, the general course of the Danube changes from the south to the east; and to the town of Cernavoda, in the Dobrudscha, about 300 miles below, the river keeps the latter direction with few and slight deviations. The long, straight reaches were here enlivened by many sailing-vessels of the fifteenth-century type, with high ornate sterns, and single mast set midway between the bow and stern. Sometimes we met them gayly ploughing their way up-stream, with every bellying sail drawing full, and again we saw them dragged slowly against the current by a long line of patient Turkish sailors harnessed to a tow-rope; or else we came across them tied to the trees in some quiet spot awaiting a favorable wind, the decks covered with sleeping sailors, no man on watch.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Danube, by F. D. Millet Published in 1892
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Monday 8 June 2020