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Jane Addams

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The Girl Who Became a Neighbor To the Needy

“Why do people live in such horrid little houses so close together, Father?” asked seven-year-old Jane on a trip to the city.

Miss Addams believed that it is better to show people how to help themselves than to give them gifts of money. “It is hard to help people one does not know,” she reasoned, “and how can one really know people without seeing them very often?” True to the decision she had made as a child, she resolved to live among the poor and be a real neighbor to them.

With the help of some friends, Miss Addams opened Hull-House, which is located in a tenement section of Chicago. Here, she established a day nursery where mothers who had to go out to work could leave their babies in good care. A kindergarten was organized for the young children in the neighborhood.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, When They Were Girls, by Rebecca Deming Moore, Edited by Helen Mildred Owen, Illustrated by Mabel Betsy Hill