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Julia Ward Howe

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Whose Battle Hymn Sang Itself Into the Hearts of a Nation

In the days when New York was not the big city that it is now, there was a fashionable section called the Bowling Green. The people who lived there often used to see a great yellow coach roll by. Within, three little girls sat stiffly against the bright blue cushions. These children were dressed in blue coats and yellow satin bonnets to match the chariot and its lining. They were the three little Ward children, one of them, Julia, to be known later throughout the land as Julia Ward Howe. She is the author of the famous patriotic hymn which you sing so often at school, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

The Project Gutenberg eBook, When They Were Girls, by Rebecca Deming Moore, Edited by Helen Mildred Owen, Illustrated by Mabel Betsy Hill