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Siege of a village by Champlain

Siege of a village by Champlain.jpg The Dude of the 17th CenturyThumbnailsCorelliThe Dude of the 17th CenturyThumbnailsCorelliThe Dude of the 17th CenturyThumbnailsCorelli

In this campaign he employed instruments of warfare which greatly astonished the savages, and easily secured him the victory. For the attack of a village, he constructed a cavalier of wood, which 200 of the most powerful men "carried before this village to within a pike's length, and displayed three arquebusiers well protected from the arrows and stones which might be shot or launched at them." A little later, we see him exploring the river Ottawa, and advancing, in the north of the continent, to within 225 miles of Hudson's Bay. After having fortified Montreal, in 1615, he twice ascended the Ottawa, explored Lake Huron, and arrived by land at Lake Ontario, which he crossed.

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