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The Street of Tombs

The Street of Tombs.jpg The Villa Rustica near BoscorealeThumbnailsThe Villa Rustica near BoscorealeThumbnailsThe Villa Rustica near BoscorealeThumbnails

The Street of Tombs

24. Villa of Diomedes.
16-23. Tombs—Group III.
16. Unfinished tomb.
17. Tomb of Umbricius Scaurus.
18. Round tomb.
19. Sepulchral enclosure.
20. Tomb of Calventius Quietus.
21. Sepulchral enclosure of Istacidius Helenus.
22. Tomb of Naevoleia Tyche.
23. Triclinium Funebre.
5-15. So-called Villa of Cicero.
1-4 a. Tombs—Group I.
1. Sepulchral niche of Cerrinius Restitutus.
2. Sepulchral bench of A. Veius.
3. Tomb of M. Porcius.
4. Sepulchral bench of Mamia.
4 a. Tomb of the Istacidii.
A. Herculaneum Gate.
C. Bay Road.

33-43. Tombs—Group IV.
33. Unfinished tomb.
34. Tomb with the marble door.
35. Unfinished tomb.
36. Sepulchral enclosure with small pyramids.
37. Tomb of Luccius Libella.
38. Tomb of Ceius Labeo.
39. Tomb without a name.
40. Sepulchral niche of Salvius.
41. Sepulchral niche of Velasius Gratus.
42. Tomb of M. Arrius Diomedes.
43. Tomb of Arria.
31-32. Samnite Graves.
10-30. Villa.
10, 11, 13, 14. Shops.
12. Garden belonging to Tombs 8 and 9.
15. Street entrance of Inn.
16-28. Rooms belonging to the Inn.
29-30. Potter's establishment.
1-9. Tombs—Group II.
1. Tomb without a name.
2. Sepulchral enclosure of Terentius Felix.
3, 4. Tombs without names.
5. Sepulchral enclosure.
6. Garland tomb.
7. Sepulchral enclosure.
8. Tomb of the Blue Glass Vase.
9. Sepulchral niche.
A. Herculaneum Gate.
B. City Wall.
D. Road along City Wall.
E-E. Vesuvius Road.

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