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The Villa Rustica near Boscoreale

The Villa Rustica near Boscoreale.jpg The Forum Triangulare, with Adjacent BuildingsThumbnailsThe Street of TombsThe Forum Triangulare, with Adjacent BuildingsThumbnailsThe Street of TombsThe Forum Triangulare, with Adjacent BuildingsThumbnailsThe Street of Tombs

A. Court.
1, 5. Cistern curbs.
2. Wash basin of masonry.
3. Lead reservoir from which water was conducted to the reservoir in the kitchen supplying the bath.
4. Steps leading to the reservoir.
B. Kitchen.
1. Hearth.
2. Reservoir containing water for the bath.
3. Stairway to rooms over the bath.
4. Entrance to cellar under the inner end of the first wine press, in which were the fastenings of the standard of the press beam.
C-F. Bath.
C. Furnace room.
D. Apodyterium.
E. Tepidarium.
F. Caldarium.
H. Stable.
J. Tool Room.
K, L. Sleeping Rooms.
N. Dining Room.
M. Anteroom.
O. Bakery.
1. Mill.
2. Oven.
P. Room with Two Wine Presses.
1, 1. Foundations of the presses.
2, 2, 2. Receptacles for the grape juice, dolia.
3. Cistern for the product of the second pressing, lacus.
4. Holes for the standards of the press beams.
5, 5. Holes for the posts at the ends of the two windlasses used in raising and lowering the press beams.
6. Pit affording access to the framework by which the windlass posts were tied down.
Q. Corridor.
1. Round vats, dolia.
R. Court for the Fermentation of Wine.
1. Channel for the fresh grape juice coming from P.
2. Fermentation vats, dolia.
3. Lead kettle over a fireplace.
4. Cistern curb.
S. Barn, nubilarium (?).
T. Threshing Floor, area.
U. Open Cistern for the Water falling on the Threshing Floor.
V-V. Sleeping Rooms.
W. Entrance to Cellar under the Inner End of the Second Wine Press; see B. 4.
X. Room with Hand Mill.
Y. Room with Oil Press.
1. Foundation of the press.
2. Hole for the standard of the press beam.
3. Entrance to cellar with appliances for securing the press beam.
4. Holes for the windlass posts.
5. Hole affording access to the fastenings of the windlass posts.
6. Receptacle for the oil, gemellar.
Z. Room containing the Olive Crusher.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Pompeii, Its Life and Art, by August Mau
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