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The common round-web spider, Epeira vulgaris of Hentz (Under Side)

Under Side of Epeira Vulgaris.jpg ThumbnailsFoot of Epeira VulgarisThumbnailsFoot of Epeira VulgarisThumbnailsFoot of Epeira Vulgaris

The body is seen to be divided into two parts, connected only by the narrow joint, A, just behind the last pair of legs. The front half of the body, called the thorax, contains the stomach, the central part of the nervous system, and the large muscles which work the legs and jaws. The hinder half, the abdomen, contains the intestine, the breathing-organs, the principal circulating-vessels, the organs of reproduction, and the spinning-organs. Connected with the thorax are six pairs of limbs, four pairs of legs, B B B B, a pair of palpi, C, and a pair of mandibles, D.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Structure and Habits of Spiders, by James Henry Emerton
Published in 1883