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Surgical instruments of the Arabs

Surgical instruments of the Arabs.jpg Thirteenth-century hospital interiorThumbnailsMedieval Surgical instrumentsThirteenth-century hospital interiorThumbnailsMedieval Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments of the Arabs, according to Abulcasim
After plates in Gurlt’s “Geschichte der Chirurgie”

1. A pincher for extracting foreign bodies from the ear
2. An ear syringe for injections
3. A tongue depressor
4. Concave scissors for the removal of tonsils
5. Curved pinchers for foreign bodies in the throat
6 to 29. Instruments for the treatment of the teeth
19 and 20. Forceps
21 to 25. Levers and hooks for the removal of roots
26. Strong pinchers for the same
27. A tooth saw 28 and 29. Files for the teeth

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Medieval Medicine, by James Joseph Walsh
Published in 1920
Posted on
Monday 6 July 2020
Medicine, Middle Ages