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Pittsburgh - Burning of the union depot

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July 1877 - Part of the Great Railroad strike of 1877

Then they applied the torch to it, and the Union depot blazed up while the firemen looked on, afraid to interfere. It was a fearful spectacle. The Union depot was a large four-story building of brick and stone. It had a frontage on Liberty Street of about seventy feet and extended back about 200 feet. The lower floor was used as a waiting room, ticket offices and the company's offices. The upper floor was occupied by the Keystone Hotel Company, and was one of the best houses in t he city. The whole building was of modern style of architecture, and was considered one of the best arranged depots in the country. In the rear of the depot, and extending back 500 feet, were line of neat pine sheds covering different tracks to protect passengers from the weather. It was under these that the burning car was run.

Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Great Riots.
An Illustrated History of the Railroad and Other Great American Riots
By Hon J.T. Headley
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