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Dinka Village

Dinka Village.jpg The Old SholThumbnailsThe Old SholThumbnailsThe Old SholThumbnails

The Dinka dwellings consist of small groups of huts clustered in farmsteads over the cultivated plains. Villages in a proper sense there are none, but the cattle of separate districts are united in a large part, which the Khartoomers call a "murah".

The drawing represents a Dinka farm surrounded by sorghum fields. Of the three huts, the one in the centre, with a double porchway, is set apart for the head of the family; that on the left is for the women; whilst the largest and most imposing hut on the right is a hospital for sick cows, which require to be separated from the throngs in the murah that they may receive proper attention.

The Heart of Africa Vol I
By Dr. Georg Schweinfurth
Published in 1874
Available from books.google.com
Africa, Housing