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A Dinka Dandy

A Dinka Dandy.jpg ThumbnailsA Niam-niam girlThumbnailsA Niam-niam girlThumbnailsA Niam-niam girl

The portrait represents what might be styled a Dinka dandy, distinguished for unusually long hair.
By continual combing and stroking with hair-pins, the hair of the negro loses much of its close curliness. Such was the case here: the hair, six inches long, was trained up into points like tongues of flame, and these, standing stiffly up all round his head, gave the man a fiendish look, which was still further increased by its being dyed a foxy red.
This tint is the result of continual washing with cow-urine; a similar effect can be produced by the application for a fortnight of a mixture of dung and ashes.

The Heart of Africa Vol I
By Dr. Georg Schweinfurth
Published in 1874
Available from books.google.com