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A Lady at Play

A Lady at Play.jpg Carillon, NetherlandsThumbnailsThey swoop down over the trenchesCarillon, NetherlandsThumbnailsThey swoop down over the trenches

The court of France was, at this period, the most depraved in morals, the grossest and most unpolished in manners, of any in Europe. The women of the bourgeoisie, envious of the great ladies, called them dames à gorge nue; and the latter retaliated by designating the women of the people as grisettes, because of their gray (grises) stockings,—a name retained almost down to the present day. In the sittings of the États Généraux, the President, Miron, complained bitterly of the excesses of the nobility, the contempt for justice, the open violences, the gambling, the extravagance, the constant duels, the "execrable oaths with which they thought it proper to ornament their usual discourse."

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day; Volume 1, by William Walton
Published in 1899