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Ships the British navy might have had

Ships the British navy might have had.jpg The Steel Boat 'Advance'ThumbnailsThe FerryThe Steel Boat 'Advance'ThumbnailsThe FerryThe Steel Boat 'Advance'ThumbnailsThe Ferry

Ships the British navy might have had! Freaks of marine architecture that have not been officially adopted.

We illustrate here some curious designs for war-ships by various inventors.

No. 1 is McDougal's Armoured Whale-back, with conning-towers, a design of 1892 for converting whalebacks into war-vessels.

No. 2 is an American design of 1892, Commodore Folger's Dynamite Ram, cigar-shaped, with two guns throwing masses of dynamite or aerial torpedoes.

No. 3 is a design by the Earl of Mayo in 1894 and called "Aries the Ram," built round an immense beam of steel terminating in a sharp point,

No. 4 is Gathmann's boat for a heavy gun forward, designed in 1900. She was to be of great speed, and the forward gun was to throw 600 lb. of gun-cotton at the rate of 2000 feet per second. A formidable Armada this, had it been practicable.

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