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Glaxo Baby

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The food that

"Builds Bonnie Babies"
Awarded Gold Medal, International Medical Congress Exhibition, 1913. By Royal Appointment to the Court of Spain.

This is because Glaxo is enriched milk, made germ-free by the Glaxo Process, which also breaks down the nourishing curd of the milk into minute, easily digested particles. When mixed with boiling water, Glaxo at once forms a modified milk which is natural (not artificial) nourishment—a complete food for baby from birth.

While easily digestible, Glaxo is not pre-digested, and therefore promotes a healthy activity of the digestive organs without subjecting them to undue strain.

Taken as a "night-cap" by Adults, Glaxo induces sound, healthy sleep.

Ask your Doctor!

Glaxo is British Made and British Owned, and only British Labour is employed. Like all things British, Glaxo is thoroughly good and genuine.

sent on request by GLAXO, 47R,
King's Road, St. Pancras, London, N.W.

Proprietors: Joseph Nathan & Co., Ltd.,
Wellington, N.Z.; & London.

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