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Indian gravestone showing the totem of the Turtle

Indian gravestone showing the totem of the Turtle.jpg Map showing the first settlements made on the Eastern coast of North AmericaThumbnailsSnow-shoes

Socially, the Indian had less liberty than the white man. He was bound by customs handed down from his forefathers. He could not marry outside his tribe. He could not sit in whatever seat he chose at a council. He could not even paint his face any color he fancied; for a young who had won no honors in battle would no mor ehave dared to decorate himself like a veteran warrior than a private soldier in the United States army would venture to appear at parade in the uniform of a major-general.

Each tribe had a "totem", ot badge to designate it. The "totem" was usually the picture of some animal. The totem was also used as a mark on gravestones, and as a seal.

The Leading Facts of American History
By David Henry Montgomery
Published in 1890
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