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Lute, Elizabethan

Lute, Elizabethan.jpg MonochordThumbnailsIrish bagpipe, sixteenth centuryMonochordThumbnailsIrish bagpipe, sixteenth centuryMonochordThumbnailsIrish bagpipe, sixteenth century

Lute, Elizabethan

The lute was made of various sizes according to the purpose for which it was intended in performance. The treble-lute was of the smallest dimensions, and the bass-lute of the largest. The theorbo, or double-necked lute which appears to have come into use during the sixteenth century, had in addition to the strings situated over the finger-board a number of others running at the left side of the finger-board which could not be shortened by the fingers, and which produced the bass tones. The largest kinds of theorbo were the archlute and the chitarrone.

Musical Instruments
Written by Carl Engel
Published in 1875
Available from gutenberg.org