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Besnier's flying apparatus

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Reproduction by heliogravure of the figure from the Journal des sçavans (1678).

Extract from a letter written to Mr. Toynard on a Machine of a new invention to fly in the air.

A, right front aisle. — B, left rear aisle. — C, left front aisle. — D, right rear aisle. — E, fissure of the left foot which lowers the D aisle, when the left hand lowers the Aisle C. — F, fissure of the right foot which lowers the D-pin when the left hand lowers the C-pin.

La Navigation Aérienne L'aviation Et La Direction Des Aérostats Dans Les Temps Anciens Et Modernes (Air Navigation Aviation And The Direction Of Aerostats In Ancient And Modern Time)
by Gaston Tissandier
Published in 1886
Available from gutenb
17th Century, Flight