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Elegant Sledge-Hearse

Elegant Sledge-Hearse.jpg Wagon and Boat, from a mummy bandageThumbnailsEgyptian Sledge-HearseWagon and Boat, from a mummy bandageThumbnailsEgyptian Sledge-Hearse

A very showy affair is found in the next illustra-tion, rivaling the mourning equipages of modern times. Among other figures appear emblems of stability and security on the side panels. In this instance the undertaker removed a portion of the paneling so as to expose the head of the mummy-case. It would seem from this, that the modern practice of showing a coffin through a glass side is of great antiquity. Indeed, we seldom find anything new that has not an antiquarian origin, thus verifying the words of the wise man, "There is no new thing under the sun."

The World on Wheels and its associations.
By Ezra M. Stratton
Published in 1878 br>Available as a free download from books.google.com
Death, Egypt, Transport