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Wagon and Boat, from a mummy bandage

Wagon and Boat, from a mummy bandage.png Primitive SledgeThumbnailsElegant Sledge-HearsePrimitive SledgeThumbnailsElegant Sledge-HearsePrimitive SledgeThumbnailsElegant Sledge-Hearse

A singular instance of the wagon and funeral-boat in combination has been found on the bandage of a mummy, now preserved in the collection of S. d'Athanasi.
It is supposed by some modern authors
that Herodotus, in speaking of the religious ceremonies in honor of Mars, as performed in the city of Pampremis, refers to this vehicle. Among other things, he tells us that the priests placed an image in a wooden temple, gilded all over, which they carried to a sacred dwelling; "then the few who were left about the image draw a four-wheeled carriage containing the temple and the image."

The World on Wheels and its associations.
By Ezra M. Stratton
Published in 1878 br>Available as a free download from books.google.com
Death, Egypt, Transport