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Damsels singing to the Sound of Timbrels

Damsels singing to the Sound of Timbrels.jpg Finns Singing.ThumbnailsLouise HomerFinns Singing.ThumbnailsLouise HomerFinns Singing.ThumbnailsLouise Homer

The next natural step for the use of music would be that of victory and triumph. The first notice of this kind is the song of Miriam. And here we may rightly conjecture the introduction of an Egyptian, and therefore cultured element. " Miriam took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances " (Exod. xv. 2o).

A Handbook of Bible and Church Music
By the Rev. j. Aston Whitlock, M.A.
Published in 1898
Available from books.google.com