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Whiskey Kegs

Whiskey Kegs.jpg Soldiers 12th CenturyThumbnailsBeaver TrapSoldiers 12th CenturyThumbnailsBeaver TrapSoldiers 12th CenturyThumbnailsBeaver Trap

By the 17th of July the whiskey kegs were all empty, and the wild celebration which invariably climaxed every rendezvous of the fur traders perforce came to an end in Pierre’s Hole. On this day the combined companies of Nathaniel Wyeth and Milton Sublette set out for the lower Snake River. On the morning of the 18th they described a column of Gros Ventre tribesmen descending a hillside, “fantastically painted and arrayed, with scarlet blankets fluttering in the wind.” The ensuing conflict was a victory for the trappers. Some of the Indians escaped from their improvised fort into Jackson’s Hole, leaving perhaps twenty-six of their number dead, while their trail of blood suggested other heavy casualties.

Colter's Hell and Jackson's Hole
The Fur Trappers' Exploration of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton Park Region
By Merrill J. Mattes
Published 1962
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America, Settlement