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Velocipede for Ladies

Velocipede for Ladies.png Basque CartThumbnailsEnglish one-wheeled VelocipedeBasque CartThumbnailsEnglish one-wheeled VelocipedeBasque CartThumbnailsEnglish one-wheeled Velocipede

We present a bicycle for ladies, lately invented and patented by Messrs. Pickering & Davis of New York City. It will be seen that the reach or frame, instead of forming a nearly straight line from the front swivel to the hind axle, follows the curve of the front wheel until it reaches a line nearly as low as the hind axle when it runs horizontally to that point of the hind wheel. The two wheels being separated three or four inches, allow of an upright rod being secured to the reach; around this is a spiral spring, on which a comfortable, cane-seated, willow-backed chair is placed. This machine, with a moderate-sized wheel (of thirty to thirty-three inches), will allow being driven with a great deal of comfort and all the advantages of the two-wheel veloce. In mounting, a lady has to step over the reach, at a point only twelve inches from the floor, the height of an ordinary step in a flight of stairs.

The Velocipede; Its History, Varieties and Practice
Published 1869
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