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A cutaway drawing of the original Mayflower

A cutaway drawing of the original Mayflower.jpg ThumbnailsHistoric Pilgrim PlymouthThumbnailsHistoric Pilgrim PlymouthThumbnailsHistoric Pilgrim Plymouth

A CUTAWAY DRAWING of the original Mayflower by John Seamans of Weymouth, Mass., from plans drawn by William A. Baker, Hingham marine architect and authority on ancient ships.

1 Main Deck
2 Galley
3 Upper Deck
4 Main Hatch
5 Forecastle
6 Waist
7 Bosun’s Stores
8 Shallop
9 Sail Store
10 Crew’s Quarters
11 Main Hold
12 Cargo
13 General Stores
14 Water Barrels
15 Spirits
16 Store
17 Cabins
18 Radio Room—A radio for the crossing was required by law.
19 Chart House
20 Steering Position
21 Gun Port
22 Main Deck
23 Upper Deck
24 Quarter Deck
25 Poop Deck
26 Beak
27 Bowsprit
28 Foretop
29 Maintop
30 Mizzenmast
31 Mainmast
32 Foremast

Pilgrim GUIDE Book To Plymouth Massachusetts
By William Franklin Atwood
Published 1940
Available from gutenberg.org