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Phil May

Phil May.jpg George du MaurierThumbnailsAt the SavoyGeorge du MaurierThumbnailsAt the SavoyGeorge du MaurierThumbnailsAt the Savoy

The fact that Phil May is a prophet in his own country should alone clear Englishmen of the suspicion that they are slow to see fun. On an Englishman’s love of fair play and good sport no suspicion has ever rested. It is the most attractive thing about him, and it is only natural that the greatest assortment of good-natured people are to be found at the Derby. I had already met them in May’s drawings, and I was prepared to find the good-nature contagious. Last year a party on a coach opposite the Royal box and a policeman, who looked after that particular part of the course, drank champagne out of the same bottle.

London as seen by Charles Dana Gibson
by Charles Dana Gibson
Published 1897
Available as a free download from gutenberg.org