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At the Pavilion

At the Pavilion.jpg A first nightThumbnailsPaganiniA first nightThumbnailsPaganiniA first nightThumbnailsPaganini

A Music Hall audience is the most demonstrative and amusing. It will applaud the longest, hiss the loudest, and sometimes join in the chorus. From the moment the numbers are posted announcing the next turn, it is easy to tell what the performer’s reception will be. On both sides of the orchestra are bars, and when a London barmaid stops work to listen and laugh you may be sure that the turn is a good one. Last winter they paid Dan Leno this compliment. The air is filled with tobacco-smoke, and the calcium-light, on its way from the gallery to the stage, looks like a sunbeam in a dusty hayloft.

London as seen by Charles Dana Gibson
by Charles Dana Gibson
Published 1897
Available as a free download from gutenberg.org