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Small Wigs and Big Fees

Small Wigs and Big Fees.jpg A first nightThumbnailsTwo men talkingA first nightThumbnailsTwo men talkingA first nightThumbnailsTwo men talking

The greatest variety of expressions are to be seen in the audiences that come together at the law courts. There is the never-changing face of the judge, and the ever-changing face of the witness rocking from side to side in his box, and there are the black-robed barristers with small wigs and big fees, and pale law students crowding in at the doors and filling the passage-ways; and in front of the long table that is covered with papers and high hats sit those most interested in what is going on—care-worn parents and women thickly veiled.

London as seen by Charles Dana Gibson
by Charles Dana Gibson
Published 1897
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