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Basque Cart

Basque Cart.jpg Camel and PalanquinThumbnailsVelocipede for LadiesCamel and PalanquinThumbnailsVelocipede for LadiesCamel and PalanquinThumbnailsVelocipede for Ladies

The Basques, especially those living in the mountains, are proud, happy, and independent. They are easily angered and quick to fight. They love their old life and customs and dislike changes. They still use many old-fashioned things such as the clumsy ox-cart, with great, solid wooden wheels and heavy wooden axle. The old dress has disappeared in many places, but is picturesque. Men wear rather loose and baggy trousers, a close-fitting vest, a sort of blouse or jacket that reaches only to the waist, a wide, white collar turned down over the neck of the blouse, and a loose necktie with streaming ends. They wear a loose cap jauntily on the head. Men and women both delight in bright colors.

Strange Peoples
by Frederick Starr
Published in 1901
Available as a free download from gutenberg.org