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Botocudo Indian with Lip-plug

Botocudo Indian with Lip-plug.jpg ThumbnailsThe Corset in the 18th CenturyThumbnailsThe Corset in the 18th CenturyThumbnailsThe Corset in the 18th Century

Many of these wild tribes delight in bright feathers. They make necklaces, head-dresses, arm-rings, bracelets, leg-bands, aprons, and capes from them. Not that a single tribe makes all of these many ornaments; some will use the feathers in one way, others in another. Among the tribes of Brazil, the Botocudo are famous for the ornaments they wear in their lips and ears. These ornaments are mere disks or plugs of wood, which are inserted in holes pierced in the ears and lower lip. Some Botocudo lip plugs are three inches in diameter. Such a lip ornament holds the lip out almost like a shelf.